Sunday, September 23, 2012


Vocals: Tomoharu Iwasa
Drums: Toshiki Hayashi (He's like X Japan all in one name!)
Bass: Yasuhiro Shibakoshi
Guitars: Toshiya Noshita

Eat Here Or To Go? (1990)

This gem of a hair metal album just came in the mail this past weekend, enjoy, it's quite rare.

1. Band Train
2. Contact
3. Rock And Roll Avenue
4. Give Up Your Reason
5. Good Time & Bad Time
6. Clockぬりつぶせ!!
7. Blind Worm
8. Tasty Girl
9. Pale Memory
10. ロックンローラーの夢

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  1. Hi! This is truly an amazing gem!
    I'm currently learning Japanese, and to immerse myself in the language I'm listening to a lot of bands. This one is one of my favorites, since they sing very clear and the glam metal is very catchy. I also like Animetal and Eizo Japan. Do you have any other band suggestion for me? Thanks!